A valuable part of each project involves planning.  The consulting engineer works with CBC Inc. as a strategic partnership in preparing the details for successful implementation and ongoing operation of a project.  Key benefits include: engineering, experience, and track records.

Project Support

CBC Inc.’s service begins with the acceptance of the consulting engineer’s plan.  Key benefits include: on time projects, no surprises, and functioning systems. 


The installation phase is a series of events that begins with notice to proceed, to ensure proper parts are ordered, reviews, modifications, delivery, setup, startup, training, and maintenance procedures are covered.  

Order & Delivery

An essential part of the project resides with CBC Inc. staff to coordinate the arrival of products on a timely basis.  


Proper procedure setup ensures that components are ready to work. 

Startup & Training

Successful startup is linked with training to prepare the products for reliable operation.  Maintenance procedures are reviewed.